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Business Card design is much more important of every business or personal brand because if you don’t have a unique and creative business card then it will show you better interest. If your business card is the same as compared to others then it will not make a nice impression to the customers.

Normally, Business cards are double sided, The main advantage of the double-sided card is you can add extra information about your business or personal brand.
The front side of this card you can add your company name, logo, and on the back side of this cheap card, you can add details like you can add manager or owner name, address, emails, websites, and contact number. The business card is a good impression of new and old clients and it is easiest and cheapest tools in the market. The standard dimension of the business card is 3.5 x 2 inches and easily fit inside the wallet. If you find a new business cheap card then it is a great choice for you.

You can easily download free graphic design templates from graphicdownloader. The business design card is suitable for your company branding and ready for you to put your information. add your details to this card and customize your business or personal brands. The business card is much more creative and Modern style and you can download this template free. Don’t miss this design Cards Template and remember to share with your friends.

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business card design download free

Business Card Design | Free Download – graphicdownloader

You can download free and if you want to download then make sure you click on here below link:

Use photo:

Use the bold photo in the business card that helps to understand what your business does. to sell product or service, find the picture that shows your target market or activity that pinpoints your significant focus, for example, somebody walking a cute cat if you provide cat or pet care. In case you are a consultant, put your professional image to the business card to assist prospective customer feel a well confident calling you. use a photo of every product, which includes a color image of gift basket in case you sell thank you presents, to assist remind people of what you do.

Get unique card:

Mostly business card size is 3.5×2 but the oversize cards also work well. If you need extra space on the card to market your product or services then design a double length card and fold it to provide 4 aspects to add your business enterprise details and different essentials. If your business card is unique, creative and attractive to others then they will show you more interest and grab the attention and if your business card same or some relevancy then they will not show you more interest about your business, product or services. That’s why always choose unique and creative cards.

5 tips for creating a business card design:

Making an awesome business card isn’t for the faint of heart. It takes a great deal of determination and expertise to ensure your design is a fantastic match for your personal brand, and to be sincere, many business proprietors still pass over the mark.

Moreover, It isn’t trying to make a dull business card designs that don’t work. It is that you don’t have an idea about ingredients to a successful design of business card.

Now I will tell you 5 top secrets.


The color is one of the most important things of any business card. In fact, the colorful business card is a too much successful card than a plain, simple card.

so what reason is the colorful business card is so powerful and effective?

Most importantly, The color makes your card pop, Because of a colorful card is attractive and grab the attention. Moreover, color is a powerful marketing tool. the colorful side is a bright side and it’s a psychological phenomenon. Colors each have a fixed of cultural and emotional association assist showcase company personality. different colors have different strategies. The color of your card relies upon the service or product you sell. colors are the psychological phenomena that grab attention, for example, many biggest brands use a specific color like coke brand use red color, McDonald’s use yellow and red color, Pepsi brand use in logo three colors(blue, white, red) and the background is blue. the red color is attractive color, mostly brand use red color. make sure your logo and business color complement the color of your business card.

warm colors tend to create some kind of energy and motivations whereas cool colors are soft tend to create a sense of peace, and calm.

The black color is a common and attractive color generally tend to attraction to men. colors include white are also called tints. Tint basically preferred by women.

These general affiliations will enable you to get a sound basis for your color palette. You may require a cool color or a warm tint, as an example. and now it’s up to you, which colors you want to choose.

Do you want a yellow color?

yellow color tells individual’s that you are joyful, happy person and eager. many big brands use yellow color like for example McDonald’s.

pink color?

The pink color tells the individual’s that you are calm and feminine. Best for the female.

Red color?

The red color is so attractive color and mostly big brands use this color, for example like coke.

every color has some meaning. There are colors that work best for specific businesses, so make sure to pick the one that speaks to your business personality the most.  and now if you have a personal brand or color then you should add them to your business card. This will enable you to ensure your customers get a predictable brand message.

2-Business Card Texture:

The texture is also one of the most important for a business card. If you think the texture is not valuable in designing then think again. It’s a main source of conversation. some people will react to only visible design, but a textured also engages a couple of senses. That enables greater potential customers to create high-quality of your company and makes them much more likely to touch you in the future.

business card design free download

business card design free download

business card design free download

business card design free download

business card design free download

business card design free download

business card design free download

business card design free download

once is to alternate the paper inventory. Rather than a traditional inventory which tends to be a smooth simple or white paper that’s pretty flimsy, take some time to find something more particular. a thick inventory or one with a fresh finish makes your card look extra unique. moreover, send a message of investor who is willing to invest and customers. reused or linen paper also a suitable option because they have got rougher textures that clients will not expect. you can create texture with precise imprint technique. Your printer may be capable to help you decide if embossing, foil stamping, or letterpress printing is right to your layout.

3- Business card shape:

The shape can allude to the type of logo or photo that you print on your card, or it may refer to the shape of the business card itself. Custom die-cut allow you to make the card look like actually any item you need. You can utilize them to make a small scale item reproduction, which will remind prospects precisely what you do. A few printers will even enable you to make 3D business cards that you pay the proper cost. Lego, for example, put resources into little Lego peoples that resemble its professional and bear their contact information. Obviously, different custom dies are going to fees a bit more than standard ones. if you want to save cash, it is able to be an awesome idea to stick with the less difficult geometric shape.

shapes are much like colors in that everyone has its a personal precise set of mental associations. circles, for example, are considered in a pleasant manner that they don’t have sharp edges that numerous different shapes have. If a ring feels a bit too perfect, you can extend into an oval rather.

athletic and triangles and symbolized motion. amusingly, they are the ideal design for a pizza area, for the reason that, they are shaped simply like a delicious slice of pepperoni. squares have recognition for his or her stability, for the reason that, all 4 sides are equal lengths. They have every one of the properties of a traditional square shape card — just with a chunk of a twist. if you worried that unusual die reduce shape won’t work for your business card, that is alright. You may also decide on inconspicuous changes, similar to sides the lump out slightly, so your card isn’t ideal square shape or spherical corners in the area of trendy square ones.

4-Business card layout:

The objective of a business card is to make something so exciting people can’t endure the idea of throwing it way, but no one desire to keep business card can’t read. having an awesome layout is your price tag to a powerful card. the initial step is to create a layout hierarchy. this means using length and spacing to set of a maximum essential element other than the rest. for instance, your business logo design is an important part of developing brand attention, so it desires to be in a bigger size. This should channel down to your business name in a marginally smaller size, at that point your contact details in the smaller size. Since despite the fact that contact details are vital, no one will utilize it if she or he isn’t certain whom they may be accomplishing out to.

The following step is to allow a lot of white area within the design. at the same time as a lot of the recommendation on white area refers to site design, the rules that work on a site will work on your card, only at a smaller scale. One brilliant asset is this post from the Interaction Design Foundation. it defines exclusive kind of white area (make sure, there is a couple of one ) and describes the way to choose the right quantity of white area to your layout.

The thought is that, in place of packing components into each and every space, you should leave open areas that provide the mind a smash from trying to procedure all the details on your card. In case you are trying to fit everything on your card, go through your details once more. There is a good possibility you don’t really want everything in it.

Don’t assume you may take something out?

Wanting to print on the two sides of the card to right away twofold your accessible design space.

5-Get expert help:

It does not rely on if you have all the proper elements for an outstanding business card — your design could any case transform into a total disaster if you do not know how to put all elements together. You should have somebody enable you to survey your design, regardless of whether that is your colleague, workers, or friend who happens to have some design expertise. but, newbie recommendation will simplest get you so far. if you really want to create a professional business card, you need to search professional graphics experts, because experts know well how to create a perfect business card.

So before you begin annoying about the expense, unwind.

There are plenty of designers who provide reasonable prices and flip tasks around quickly, like this one. you can also look for designers by region of understanding. In any case, it is probably suitable to get someone who specializes in business card design to assist with your, you know, business card. Another alternative: look based experience level. occasionally the first-class designers aren’t those who have been inside the business longest — especially considering the fact that veteran artists may also get set of their methods or rate high chargesrather than hiring a designer based on what they’ve already achievedsearch for a somebody based on what they can do. This technique of recruiting for ability is greatly effective as it will help you search a someone who is willing to learn about your business and your requirements to create a great business card.  When you have searched an experts or Branding Agency who meets all your requirements, you are prepared to take a seat with them to make an inventive brief. This will arm them with all the details they have to transform your incredible thoughts into a unique business card design!

Business Card Design is compatible with:

  • The Adobe InDesign CS4, CS5, CS6, CC
  • Adobe Illustrator CS4, CS5, CS6, CC
  • A Adobe Photoshop CS3, Cs4, CC, Cs6, Cs5
  • QuarkXPress 2015, 2016
  • CorelDraw X3, X4, X5, X6, X7, X8
  • Apple iWork Pages 4, 5, 6
  • The Microsoft Publisher ’07, ’10, ’13, ’16
  • Microsoft Word ’07, ’10, ’13, ’16    (Mac ’08, ’11,’16)
  • A Microsoft PowerPoint ’07, ’10, ’13, ’16


  1. Resolution: The standard Dimension of the Doube-Sided design business template Card is 3.5 × 2.
  2. File Type: JPEG, Png, Psd.
  3. The standard size of the disk is 3.1.
  4. Color Combination: Attractive multiple colors with flowers design.
  5. Font Type: Palatino Linotype.
  6. Business design card is a very latest and professional design.
  7. Fully editable business design template according to your need and new in the market.
  8. Design business card template has good shapes and design.

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